Garda Lake Boat Renters' Association

Our Association was born on December 1992, in order to support and coordinate the different needs of the Chartering Companies present on the Garda Lake area; in particular the Association was founded with the following aims:
  • Achieve agreements aimed to the economy and development of the Partners and the Association itself;
  • Promote sporting cultural and social activities, organize events to support the tourism;
  • Regulate the relations between the Associated companies and the authorities on the public lands use and release of licenses.
This website encounters the necessity to give visibility to the Association itself and to the single Partners, addressing the user to the Charters services available on the Garda Lake, pointing out the type of service and helping the research of the requested information also taking into account the location of the interested user.

A “search page” of our Partners is available; from that page it’s possible to reach the single sub-pages of the Chartering Partners where the users can find information and contacts.

Interested users and Autorities can contact the Association using addresses and Tel. number in the Contacts Page.

The Garda Lake

Our Lake is a place of huge historical relevance, environmental and touristic, rich in human activities, culture and fun. The Garda Lake is shared between the regions Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige; every part presents features, harbours and many interesting places.
If you are planning an holiday on the Garda Lake, you can look at the website of Garda Lake Community, that presents an overview of the many activities available to the visitor or the portal Lago di Garda.

When you will have the occasion to look at these beautiful places, think that:

"From the water the Garda is more beautiful"

We wish you a nice trip!

The Garda Lake Boat Renters' Association

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Sede in Calmasino di Bardolino (VR) località Colombara, 3 PEC: